Multilayer technology for food packaging

Long-term effective barrier to protect against harmful influences

Our modern multilayer technology ensures the highest quality of the packaged food. With state-of-the-art technological expertise, we achieve optimal protection of the packaged goods and, in doing so, solve the most important problem of our customers in the food industry.

The main advantage of the packaging from PREMIUMPACK is the comprehensive protection of the products against harmful environmental influences. With our multilayer technology, we achieve excellent barrier and material properties, including maximum puncture resistance.

This essential effect is optimised and reinforced by the first-class raw materials we use. At PREMIUMPACK, for the benefit of our customers, we combine our specific knowledge with many years of expertise in food packaging in order to produce technologically sophisticated packaging. The individual components of our packaging materials work together to produce the best material properties such as high puncture resistance, ideal shrinkage values, excellent optics for product presentation and best shelf life due to high barrier properties.

The advantages of our multilayer technology

Flexible packaging that combines several decisive advantages is the result of our multilayer technology. Our films provide an excellent barrier against gases, water vapour and UV rays, are highly transparent and have an attractive gloss and are leaders in:


Due to several layers of polyamide, our packaging has superior mechanical properties. This keeps air leaks to a minimum, and the packaged products are protected from damage during transport and during the packaging process.


Our multilayer packaging provides maximum protection against water vapour and keeps the weight loss of the packaged product to a minimum. The EVOH barrier provides optimal protection against gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium and UV rays. EVOH increases the shelf life of fresh meats and cheeses.


Our shrink material wraps itself around the packaged goods like a second skin. An outer PET layer ensures a brilliant gloss and an excellent transparency ratio. PET has another advantage: the material is suitable for quick and easy processing on processing machines and during the packaging process. Overlapping welding is also technically possible with the products from PREMIUMPACK: two bags are sealed one on top of the other without sticking together.


The specifically developed composition of the high-quality polyethylene layer gives our packaging optimal sealing properties. Even under the most difficult and toughest conditions, such as with oils and liquids on the sealing surface, these properties are maintained.

Environmental protection

All PREMIUMPACK packaging materials are produced without harmful PVDC, i.e. without dioxins and chlorine. We combine an environmentally friendly approach using the technology of the future.

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