Our strategy

Trustworthy corporate partner

Our business is built on trust. Premiumpack values personal customer service. High quality and frequent detailed advice are very important to us. We also always welcome direct feedback and find it particularly important for stable business relationships and long-term successful cooperation. We act as a reliable partner and, thanks to the continuity of our employees, offer our customers and suppliers extremely stable customer relationships and joint dynamic development. As such the Premiumpack management team has remained unchanged for more than a decade and impresses with both its in-depth product and market knowledge and a profound understanding of the issues and concerns of our customers.

Focus on research & development

We stay on the ball for you: PREMIUMPACK invests a lot of time, effort and money in corporate development in order to meet the highest customer demands. Research & development is a central corporate focus for us, so that we are always up to date with the latest technology. And our strategy is paying off: we weren’t awarded the Growth Champion Certificate in 2018 for nothing.


Quality is the basis of our success

Our positioning goal is clear: PREMIUMPACK sees itself as the undisputed pioneer in the market for ultra-modern plastic packaging. This overarching goal drives us and motivates us to always perform better in the interests of our customers. And corresponds directly to the heart of the Premiumpack strategy – the focus on the highest quality. National and international quality standards are self-evident guidelines for us. The practical implementation of our quality criteria takes place in all production processes and is reflected in our excellent end products. In this way, we form the basis for long-term success in food packaging – both for us and our partners.

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