Quality is our corporate mission

Strong quality management for top products

For the benefit of our customers and end users, as a quality-conscious packaging company from Austria, we always keep a close eye on the quality of our procedures, processes and products. Only the highest quality will do at PREMIUMPACK. We pursue and achieve high quality goals and apply extremely strict standards to our processes and our end products in order to continue to improve.

Our professional quality management system and our high quality packaging are the pillars of our quality policy. In order to maintain or even increase the high level of quality and our strict hygiene standards, in addition to the ongoing, routine quality controls on the finished product batches, regular tests are carried out in our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory. Numerous parameters are carefully scrutinised, including the strength of the sealing seams, shrinkage properties, layer structure, thickness and appearance of individual products.

Tested by external experts

For maximum safety and confidence

Accredited testing laboratories are also dedicated to quality control in our company. Special tests and inspections provide information on whether all quality criteria are met. As a result of detailed studies, the safety of our products for food has already been confirmed. The complete traceability of all products from the raw material to the finished end product and vice versa is also verifiably guaranteed at all times. Pre delivers only the best packaging material out of Austria.

For PREMIUMPACK, quality is not simply a word. For us, quality has to be tangible. Each team member is fully committed to following precisely described workflows, processes and interfaces and effectively contributes to our corporate success as an excellent international packaging company in Austria.

You can rely on the best quality from PREMIUMPACK.

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