Maximum puncture resistance

Packaging for steaks and products with extremely sharp edges

Our PREMIUMmax products score with an exceptional maximum puncture resistance: these shrink bags and shrink tubing were developed for packaged goods with extremely sharp edges and have the greatest possible puncture resistance.

This makes PREMIUMmax ideal for demanding conditions such as:

Efficient process, low air leakage rate

With its excellent product properties, PREMIUMmax offers several advantages over conventional products: The packaging process is less complex, as bone protection (“boneguard”) is no longer necessary. At the same time, the risk of high air leakage and return rates is reduced to a minimum. Due to the excellent shrinkage properties with a rate of 30-35%, the packaged foods also impress with its glossy appearance.


Packaging for steak, packaging for lamb and other meat with extremely sharp bones, such as spare ribs, T-bone steaks, short ribs and legs of lamb. More details on PREMIUMmax can be found in our PREMIUMPACK product recommendations.



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