The best solution for your food packaging

Individual packaging solution for each packaged product

Our shrink bags and shrink materials are designed for professional food packaging of the highest quality. Depending on the type of food (from fresh meat to different types of cheese), we recommend specifically different packaging from our wide range of products. Using our technical expertise, we’re happy to provide you with advice. To provide the best possible food packaging for you and your customers.

Recommended PREMIUMPACK products at a glance

Product suitable packaging
Fresh meat PREMIUMfresh 45
Salami PREMIUMfresh 45
Sausage meat PREMIUMfresh 45
Aged cheese PREMIUMfresh 45
Sausage rolls with metal clips PREMIUMfresh 45
Prime cuts PREMIUMfresh 45
Lamb fillet PREMIUMfresh 45
Porterhouse PREMIUMfresh 45
Rump steak PREMIUMfresh 45
Marinated Roast PREMIUMfresh 45
Loin pieces PREMIUMfresh 45
Bacon PREMIUMfresh 75
Beef PREMIUMfresh 75
Parmesan PREMIUMfresh 75
Poultry with bones PREMIUMfresh 75
Aged beef and veal PREMIUMfresh 75
Demanding transport PREMIUMfresh 75
Spareribs PREMIUMmax
Bone-in Pork PREMIUMmax
Half & Full Leg Ham PREMIUMmax
Rib Eye Steaks PREMIUMmax
Rack of lamb PREMIUMmax
Short Loin PREMIUMmax
T-Bone Steak PREMIUMmax
Loin cuts PREMIUMmax
Cheese wheel PREMIUMcheese
Aged cheese PREMIUMcheese
Cooked ham PREMIUMcook
Ham roll PREMIUMcook
Pulled pork PREMIUMcook
Sous-vide applications PREMIUMcook

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