Customised bag packaging

Your specific product in top quality

Our top-class machines for bag packaging at the highest technological level enable the production of a wide range of shrink bags. Thanks to the assembly machines in our production facility, we guarantee the highest product quality and, at the same time, can take individual customer requirements into account. Thanks to our in-line printing system, the shrink bags can also be printed directly in our production hall according to customer requirements.

Beste Technologie

Best technology, highest security

Machines and packaging materials are perfectly synchronised in our production processes. We only use machines for plastics processing that are ideally suited with their flexibility, maximum safety and hygiene standards.

Our modern technical infrastructure allows us to achieve high process reliability, low resource consumption, high efficiency and flexibility in bag packaging, which our customers benefit from in the form of maximum economic efficiency. We only use the highest quality material for our shrink bags.

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