Multilayer shrink film

For high quality on flow pack machines

Our PREMIUMflow multilayer shrink film for flow pack machines is based on EVOH. The material ensures high quality with very fast production and cycle times. The shrink film is formed around the food to be packaged, then the resulting bag is sealed using fully or semi-automatic vacuum packaging systems and shrunk in the hot water tunnel or tank.

Available products


Shrink film for flow pack machines: For fast production and cycle times using horizontal tubular bag machines for packing fresh boneless meat, sausage products and non-ripening cheese (PREMIUMflow 45), meat products such as bacon or bone-in meat such as spare ribs (PREMIUMflow 75) and high-gas producing cheese (PREMIUMflow HG). More details on PREMIUMcheese can be found in our PREMIUMPACK product recommendations.



Available surface widths

180 – 700 mm

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