Puncture-proof shrink bags

Flexible shrink bags for different products

Our PREMIUMPACK shrink bags are characterised by a particularly high puncture resistance, optimal transparency and high-quality gloss. The PREMIUMfresh 45, PREMIUMfresh 75, PREMIUMmax and PREMIUMcheese shrink bags made from shrink tubing are suitable for a wide variety of applications and packaging requirements.

Our types of shrink bags

Shrink bags with round bottom seal

suitable for fresh meat, sausage meat, sending large pieces of meat and export

Shrink bags with straight bottom seal

ideal for block cheese and similar products

Shrink bags with side seal

optimal for salami, sausage, cold cuts, semi-prepared and sliced products, fresh meat

Perforated shrink bags on rolls

  • practical and simple bag removal by tearing off a perforated roll
  • minimal space requirement for perfect organisation in food production
  • improved hygiene through direct removal from the roll

Shrink bags on tape

particularly user-friendly for the automatic and semi-automatic filling of the shrink bag

V-shaped shrink bags

perfect for cheese wedges, Picanha, leg of lamb and pork loin

PREMIUMPACK shrink bag v-shape

Different sizes of shrink bags available

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