We produce using Triple Bubble® technology

Multilayer extrusion for packaging of superior quality

Using the latest available multilayer extrusion technology, investing heavily in research and development and continuously developing our application know-how is a matter of course for us and a guarantee of quality for our customers and partners.

Our highly qualified and extremely experienced production team uses the modern and future-proof Triple Bubble® technology.

What is Triple Bubble® technology?

This technology, that’s been specifically developed for the production of particularly high-performance packaging materials, enables the production of biaxially stretched multilayer films without laminates or coating processes. The resulting packaging materials have a significantly higher oxygen and water vapour barrier.

How does Triple Bubble® technology work?

The production process takes place in several steps and includes three film bubbles: To start the first film bubble is extruded, with several film layers being connected to each other. Each individual film layer contributes to the specific properties of the packaging material produced. The combination of the different layers creates a high quality product with material characteristics such as gloss and transparency, puncture resistance and specific barrier properties.  At the same time, the multilayer structure enables a reduction in the film thickness compared to a standard film structure.

In the first film bubble, the material is cooled as quickly as possible in order to reinforce the desired material properties such as gloss and transparency.

In the next step the primary tubing is warmed up and stretched in the second film bubble. This process achieves the best possible biaxial stretching of the film, so that the individual materials are closely connected to one another.

Lastly, the film is cooled again. The third film bubble is used for heat setting. This sets the final properties of the film.

Consistently high product quality

With the help of our fully automated production facility, we produce products of the highest quality. In accordance with our quality promise, we only use the best raw materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. At the same time, we achieve low consumption of raw materials, use less energy and minimise our waste.

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