Excellent packaging for food products
High quality food
requires excellent packaging solutions.
Excellent packaging for food products
High quality food requires excellent packaging solutions.

Our services

To ensure maximum shelf life of the products

For the safe transport of food to the end consumer

For the best taste, a brilliant look and lasting freshness

Are you looking for an internationally active packaging company with solution competence that meets these high requirements and offers you specifically optimal packaging for your food?

Längere Haltbarkeit

Die Sauerstoffbarriere unserer Verpackungen ist sieben Mal so hoch wie der internationale Standardwert. Statt 10 cm³ Sauerstoffdurchlässigkeit pro 24 Stunden erreichen wir einen Top-Wert von 1,4. Für Sie bedeutet das eine längere Haltbarkeit Ihrer Produkte.

Weniger Luftzieher

Beim wichtigen Parameter der Durchstoßfestigkeit übertreffen wir den internationalen Standard um 20 Prozent. Ihr Vorteil: 20 Prozent weniger Luftzieher, 20 Prozent weniger Beschwerden und 20 Prozent weniger Probleme für Ihre Kunden – und für Sie.


Unsere Schrumpfraten sind sehr hoch und liegen bei bis zu 50 Prozent. Das bewirkt eine enorme Verbesserung in der Optik Ihres Produktes.

The facts speak for themselves

Our technologically first-class packaging for food is characterised by its exceptionally high quality:

The oxygen barrier of our packaging is seven times higher than the international standard value. Instead of 10 cm³ of oxygen permeability per 24 hours, we achieve a top value of 1.4. For you, this means a longer shelf life for your products.

We exceed the international standard by 20 percent for the important parameter of puncture resistance. Your benefit: 20 percent fewer air leaks, 20 percent fewer complaints and 20 percent fewer problems for your customers – and for you.

Our shrinkage rates are very high and are up to 50 percent. This leads to a significant improvement in the look of your products.

And these are just some of the outstanding technical properties of our products, which are the result of a combination of many years of expertise, intensive research and development, precise knowledge of our markets and in-depth understanding of the needs of our customers.

With our excellent packaging for meat and cheese, we are an important partner for the food industry.

Made in Austria.

International quality made in Austria

For more than a decade, Premiumpack has specialised in the manufacture of high barrier packaging for food in the form of shrink bags and shrink films. We manufacture exclusively at our central company location in the immediate vicinity of Vienna and sell excellent “made in Austria” food packaging worldwide. For an improved consumer experience, safety and sustainability.

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