Multilayer shrink packaging

Customised products for the food industry

Strict criteria apply to the packaging of food. The high demands placed on shrink packaging by the food industry are derived from consumer needs. To meet these strict criteria in the best possible way requires profound technical knowledge, cutting-edge market expertise and the technological prerequisites for a customised implementation:

Our products in detail

Longer shelf life of the products

packaging ideally suited for transport

good protection of the packaged food

are of paramount importance and have top priority in order to guarantee the high quality of the packaged goods at all times in the supply chain and beyond.

Focus on: safety, shelf life & protection

With excellent multilayer high-barrier packaging materials, PREMIUMPACK has been a long-term partner of the food industry and enables the greatest possible safety for food as well as sustainable protection against damage and environmental influences. The technologically excellent shrink packaging extends the shelf life and preserves the taste of meat products and cheese products.

The technological basis: EVOH

Each of our products has been specifically developed in accordance with the requirements of our customers in the food industry. In accordance with our technological standard, all vacuum packaging for food manufactured by PREMIUMPACK is made on the basis of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer). The food has a longer shelf life and keeps its taste as well as its appearance.

Customised products for customers

As long-standing experts in food packaging, we know that effective shrink packaging is customised for the respective packaged goods. We have therefore developed and recommend specifically different packaging for different products, such as for individual types of cheese. Depending on the aging time and oxygen requirement, special parameters need to be taken into account. All of our detailed knowledge flows into our processes and benefits our customers in the form of individual advice and product development.

In addition to the common standard sizes, PREMIUMPACK manufactures individual packaging products that are customised according to customer requirements.

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