9-Layer Technology

When discussing high barrier packaging, it is important to define the properties that ensure the packaged products' long-term protection from harmful influences. Different compounds and raw materials have their own unique barrier qualities, and the right combination will ensure optimal protection for packaged goods.

9-Layer Technology

Flexible packaging by PREMIUMPACK has a 9-layer structure, which provides a superior barrier against gases, water vapor and UV rays. Our films are market leaders regarding shrink, mechanical and visual properties, offering high transparency and attractive gloss.

Below includes the benefits and materials used in our PREMIUMPACK 9-layer structure:


Several layers of polyamide help achieve superior mechanical properties reducing leaker rates. It also helps avoid product damage during packaging and transportation.


The EVOH barrier gives optimal protection against gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium and UV rays. It significantly extends the shelf life of fresh meats and cheeses. In addition, our 9-layer structure offers ultimate protection against water vapor and minimizes weight loss and composition of the packaged product.


PREMIUMPACK shrink materials perfectly form around the product like a second skin. Thanks to an external PET layer, the product has a very high gloss and excellent transparency ratio. In addition, PET also helps with faster and easier processing for converting machines and the packaging process.


Thanks to a special composition of the high-quality polyethylene layer, our products have advanced sealing properties even under the most severe conditions including fatty oils and fluids on the sealing surface. In addition, users are able to seal two bags on top of each other without sticking together (overlap sealing).

Environmental Protection

PREMIUMPACK material has been designed without the use of harmful PVDC (dioxins, chlorine). We focus on combining an eco-friendly approach with the technology of the future.