PREMIUMPACK is an essential partner of the food industry as we manufacture nine-layer high-barrier fresh food packaging materials, namely shrink bags and shrink film. Our products are EVOH-based helping the food industry extend shelf life, taste and appearance of their fresh foods. Each product has been specifically designed to meet the various and rigorous demands of the food packaging industry:

PREMIUMfresh 45

Transparent, glossy and puncture resistant for fresh meats and cheeses.

Products #2 Fresh 45 v2.jpg

PREMIUMfresh 75

Durable, transparent and high gloss for sharp edged product applications.

Products #3 Fresh 75 v2.jpg


Ultra puncture resistant for packaging and transport of the sharpest bone-in meat applications.

Products #4 Max v2.jpg



Protecting maturing cheeses for high-gassing applications.

Products #5 Cheese v2.jpg


Fast and automated cycle process for Flow Pack machines.

Products #6 Flow v2.jpg


Attractive and structurally uniform packaging for Thermoforming machines.

Products #7 Form v2.jpg