PREMIUMcheese is a nine-layer shrink bag created for packaging ripening cheeses. Depending on the type of cheese, the O2 and CO2 barrier can be adapted to best support the product’s ripening process, and can be stored for longer periods of time – between six and twelve months, protecting the cheese’s taste and smell. PREMIUMcheese shrink material is available in a diverse range of colors and products including shrink bags and shrink tubing.


Cheese with varying degrees of gas development. For more information see Product Recommendations.


  • Adjustable barrier, based on the type of cheese
  • High shrink rate (up to 40%)
  • Overlap sealing capability
  • Attractive transparency and gloss
  • Advanced sealing properties


  • thickness: 45 µm
  • PET outer layer
  • PA layers for puncture resistance
  • Various material combinations created to achieve adjustable barrier for different cheese maturation/gassing levels