PREMIUMPACK cares about reducing environmental impact through the use of EVOH resins. EVOH is an Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer mainly composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It has no toxic gases when burned, and its combustion heat is only half that of polyethylene, causing little harm to the environment. It is a crystalline polymer that has a molecular structure represented by the following formula:


Sophisticated technology allows us to manufacture all PremiumPack products without using environmentally harmful PVDC. EVOH, an environmentally friendly substance, is used as a barrier plastic. Unlike PVDC, EVOH does not contain chlorine, dioxins, metals or other elements that may cause endocrinological disorders.

Due to exceptional barrier properties, EVOH resins has a 10.000 times greater gas barrier than standard LDPE film. A thin EVOH layer gives a powerful and effective barrier against gases, hence preserving food freshness. As an end effect, our lightweight packaging helps reduce waste.

Providing a valuable barrier function with just a few microns, EVOH allow us to reduce the amount of raw material helping us to preserve natural resources

EVOH layer advantages