The focus at PREMIUMPACK is quality. Meeting the highest quality standards and striving for continuous improvement in our operations and processes are a way of life at PREMIUMPACK. An efficient and effective quality management system guarantees products at the highest level. In order to maintain a high level of hygiene standards, in addition to our quality controls, continuous tests are performed in our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory on finished product batches. We examine a number of parameters, including seam thickness, shrink properties, layer structure, and overall material thickness and appearance.

Additional testing and further research is performed by accredited testing laboratories, which PREMIUMPACK works closely with. Among other things, testing for the safety of our products in the food industry is diligently carried out by detailed studies. 100% traceability of all products, from raw materials to the finished product and vice versa is ensured at all times. With PREMIUMPACK quality is a way of life that can be felt in all areas. By accurately defined workflows, processes and interfaces, each employee is able to optimally develop and apply the highest efficiency from day to day. Trust and quality at PREMIUMPACK go hand-in-hand.